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Name Author Type Size
Shows preview of truck  MAN TG-A XXL 5Star ThomasHK Truck 2.68MB
A is here next Man this time is concerned production from Czech author.
Shows preview of truck  ScaniaR580-6x6 CseNo Truck 2.55 MB
New Scania.Well made camion.
Shows preview of truck  IFA Notic4eva & CseNo Truck 1.68 MB
Good old truck.
Shows preview of truck  Forklift 3dartpol Truck 844 kB
Trucking trolley.Very good work from 3dartpol.
Shows preview of truck  Military Jeep 3dartpol Truck 1.25 MB
New personal car.
Shows preview of truck  Bus 3dartpol,Sash Truck 9 MB
Set with 2 AI bus and 7 bus which can be drive.
Shows preview of truck  FlatbedForklift 3dartpol Trailer 600 kB
Trailer with trucking trolleies.
Shows preview of truck  FlatbedCamper 3dartpol Trailer 1.27 MB
Trailer with caravans.
Shows preview of truck  Convoy v2.0 3dartpol Truck 1.11 MB
Next version Convoy by 3dartpol.
Shows preview of truck  MAN TG-A 5Star tandem janusz Truck 4.39 MB
Pretty subtle mock - up MAN with very nice accessories.
Shows preview of truck  Trailer Schachinger Cargomax ThomasHK Trailer 1.01 MB
Much nice semi - trailer one's traffic firm from Czech author.
Shows preview of truck  Semi - trailer tube truckerroad Trailer 395 kB
This semi - trailer will change for conveyance pipes.
Shows preview of truck  Semi - trailer turbine truckerroad Trailer 557kB
Will change semi - trailer for conveyance turbine.
Shows preview of truck  wurth ThomasHK Trailer 135 kB
Altering semi - trailer for conveyance mechanical parts.
Shows preview of truck  Semi - trailer on glass Schneelöwe Trailer 384 kB
On the whole well semi - trailer for conveyance glass.
Wheels ??? Add-on 860 kB
That which has problem with wheels, so is here parcel what will everything solve. Perhaps!?
Shows preview of truck  Set freezers volidas1 Trailer 3.19 MB
Set ten different freezers semi - trailers. Replaces semi - trailers as is e.g . vegetables, fruit, etc .... I advice you!
Shows preview of truck  MB Actros Scaniaman580 / Loogie Truck 1.58 MB
Nice model Actros which has new accessories.
Shows preview of truck  DAF CF Truckerschraven Truck 2.28 MB
Nice model DAF CF with much accessories.
Shows preview of truck  Scania T Topline holger Truck 1.95 MB
Added new model Scania T Topline. Very good!
Shows preview of truck  Aral gas station Deli Add-on 354 kB
Altering gas station behind Aral.
Tachometer in km/h Dawid Add-on 38.5 kB
In outdoor look will tachometer shows in km/h.
Shows preview of truck  MAN F2000 Pszemek Truck 2.83 MB
Nice model MAN F2000.
ZModeler Oleg M Utilita 2.52 MB
For those that yourself want do spite.
Shows preview of truck  Scania Longline luder Truck 2.9 MB
Splendid model Scania Longline.
Shows preview of truck  New map pete & moto Add-on 4.17 MB
New map which includes added cities, weaned semi - trailers near limits. A further also modified roads. To my mind better than original.
Shows preview of truck  MAN TGAXXL_Schwerlast Piterus_123 Truck 1.64 MB
Splendid model MAN TG-A for excess expense. I advice you!!!
Shows preview of truck  Skoda Xena Stimpy Truck 1.71 MB
Model has no own interier, it has been taken from DAF, so the tachometer is in km/h. Anyway it\'s very subtle czech-made model.
Convertor to the *.ogg format Jan Ringoą Utilita 444 kB
Utility for conversion to format *.ogg
Shows preview of truck  4 AI Trucks ? ? ? Add-on 3.21 MB
Pack of 4 trucks AI.
Shows preview of truck  Mercedes-Benz O350 SHD TOURISMO Add-on 791 kB
It is a very beautifl AI bus.
Shows preview of truck  Scania Topline ? Truck 2.4 MB
Brilliancy. Very rich custom equipment. I recommend!!!
Shows preview of truck  Mercedes Actros ? Truck 2.1 MB
Good one, the only defect is, that it hasn't drive sound.
Shows preview of truck  Racing Hauler Easy Three Truck 1.43 MB
Next one with long cabin.
Shows preview of truck  Scania Torpedo atego2312 Truck 1.55 MB
Great Scania model. I recommend!!!
Shows preview of truck  Desert vehicle 3dartpol Truck 1.82 MB
I looks like, that 3dartpol likes passenger cars. Today, it's 4WD from Half Life 2.
Shows preview of truck  MB Actros L 1844 Scaniaman580 Truck 1.61 MB
Next of the Actros, better than previous.
Shows preview of truck  Toyota LC 60 3dartpol Truck 1.28 MB
Next model by 3dartpol. And again it has new sounds and wheels.
Shows preview of truck  URAL 43202 6x6 Sash Truck 1.2 MB
Some older model.
Sky ? Add-on 1,77 MB
New sky to the game. I recommend!!!
Black smoke ? Add-on 70 kB
Dark black smoke - conservationists aren't happy ;o)
Skins for trailers ? Add-on 127 kB
It changes skins of trailers, that you can't atache, for example these above borders.
Shows preview of truck  Mercedes Actros luki520 Truck 995 KB
And next european truck. But miserable working.
Shows preview of truck  Saab 9000 truckhell Truck 1.92 MB
Passenger car to the game. Let's have a look on the short film in zip archive.
Shows preview of truck  Scania Concept atego2312 Truck 1.13 MB
"Tuned" Scania :o)
Shows preview of truck  Hummer v2.0 3dartpol Truck 1.12 MB
Passenger car. It has own wheels and sound.
Shows preview of truck  Renault Magnum Tandem Gumikacsa , Luder Truck 3.14 MB
Quality model, quality overwork, better handling than first Magnum.
Shows preview of truck  Mack 1941 EasyThree Truck 1.72 MB
Older Mack... but good quality.
Shows preview of truck  Argosy 8x4 Sven777b Truck 1.34 MB
Next type of Argosy - 8x4.
Shows preview of truck  Salvage lorry 3dartpol Truck 2.11 MB
Would you like to control salvage lorry? Now you can...
Shows preview of truck  Argosy Black Alemao Truck 1.52 MB
Some poeple like that new Argosy, someone no... I like that, so here is it.
Shows preview of truck  Renault Magnum Kpj , Gumikacsa Truck 4.35 MB
European truck for download. Perfect model, bad handling.
Mirrors (for kt2000) Stimpy Add-on 40 kB
Additional mirrors for KT2000
Christmas tree (for DAF XF) Stimpy Add-on 15 kB
Christmas tree to the window of your DAF.
Michelin (for DAF XF) Stimpy Add-on 200 kB
Michelin to the roof of your DAF.
Light colors ?3dartpol? Add-on 60 kB
You can change the color of lights on truck or trailer.
New drivers ??? Add-on 50 kB
Shows preview of truck  Kamaz k65225 Sash Truck 1.07 MB
Very nice russian truck .o)
Shows preview of truck  Scania 4 series 4x2 atego1212 Truck 1.62 MB
Nice truck, it's one of the best truck for PttM.
Shows preview of truck  Volvo FH16 3dartpol Truck 1.68 MB
Shows preview of truck  Freightliner Coronado Stetrain Truck 4.58 MB
Shows preview of truck  Liaz 677m Sash Truck 1.12 MB
Shows preview of truck  Ikarus 255 Sash Truck 993 kB
Shows preview of truck  Scania 143 V2 Sven777b Truck 933 kB
Shows preview of truck  Tank starman Truck 1.29 MB
Shows preview of truck  DAF XF Stimpy, Majk Truck 1.55 MB
Long-awaited DAF XF by Stimpy and Majk doesn't disappoint and it's one of the best trucks for the game. This version has repaired some small errors from previous version
Shows preview of truck  GMC 3500 EasyThree Truck 2.19 MB
Cool truck! That's the best truck for me for this game! I recommend.
Shows preview of truck  The Rod Grubb10 Truck 1.40 MB
I don't like this truck, but I get it here...
18 WoS:PttM Patch 1.07 SCS Soft Patch 3.99 MB
Repairs error, when after buying new truck game will crash, if you forget to hire driver. Original description here.
Shows preview of truck  2003 Daewoo 6x4 Tractor mild Truck 3.63 MB
My favourite model. Very nice, but that's a pity, here are only a few accessories...
Shows preview of truck  Flares for pro KW T2000 ? Add-on 5 kB
Another accessory for KW T2000: blue flares on grill. The drivers know and revile for it, but here it looks good .o)
Shows preview of truck  Antennas for KW T2000 ? Add-on 3 kB
Normal antennas on sleeper for you KW T2000. I like this truck, so here is it .o)
Shows preview of truck  AI Pack Sanzi Add-on 169 kB
Some new skins for PttM. Includes for example Ambulance Pack, new blue work-bus, Amstel Beer truck and DHL truck.
Shows preview of truck  Ambulance Pack Blizzards Add-on 81 kB
This pack adds new skin of ambulance to the game and modify frequency of occurrence. From now you can meet ambulance more often.
Shows preview of truck  Volvo FH12 3dartpol Truck 4.22 MB
As you can see, it isn't very quality. But, on this site you can find all .o)
Shows preview of truck  Volvo N12 3dartpol Truck 3.21 MB
3dartpol is now the fastest modeller... But his models aren't the best what you can find.
18 WoS:PttM Gas Pack 2.0 zipper Add-on 1.31 MB
Second version of Gas Pack. Now you can choose, which one of four gas station you install. You can install BP, Texaco, Agip, Shell (from big gas station you can choose only one - BP or Texaco or Agip).
Shows preview of truck  Mack Vision Day-Cab Starman Truck 1.84 MB
again very nice truck. It's well known Mack Vision, which is shorter.
Shows preview of truck  Tatra 813 Sven777b Truck 1.02 MB
Awsome thing! I think, this will like anyone who downloading new trucks for game...
Shows preview of truck  Mercedes-Benz LK 3dartpol Truck 2.52 MB
The same author as the previous. But there are two trucks in one file. Details you can see on the picture. Nice truck again.
Shows preview of truck  Mack Convoy 3dartpol Truck 1.35 MB
And next new truck. I don't know, what to write. As you can see, it's quality truck.
W900 with Loader KWKid Truck 5.40 MB
Next new truck for game. It's 4-axle W900 for log transporting. The only problem I have is that the model has a lot of polygons, so the game is running much slower.
PttM World Sounds Pack 1.3 Blizzards Patch 3.32 MB
The latest version of sounds pack. It replaces many sounds and there are few new sounds. Details, you can find only in czech on author's sites.
18 WoS:PttM Patch 1.06 SCS Soft Patch 3.90 MB
The next official patch for game. But I don't know what's new. Details you can find here.
18 WoS:PttM Gas Pack 1.0 zipper Add-on 570 kB
Replacing textures of gas stations. From now, you can refuel at gas stations Shell and BP.
PttM Grills Fluffy Add-on 277 kB
Replacing trucks grills. Most of new are only little changed, but let's see the MACK :o)
Kenworth K100 Aero Will AKA Truck 3.98 MB
New truck for the game. If you take Kenworth K100, add sleeper and one axle you'll get this. But the truck is nice and I recommending to download it!
Parts for Trucks in PTTM Bobbo Add-on 878 kB
For each truck you can install some new advanced parts. The available parts are bumpers, filters and exhausts. Recommended to download!
Radio random J x P Utility 2 kB
Easy utility, which ensure, you won't listen the music in the same order. If you are using Jukebox, I recommend to download.
18 WoS:PttM Wheel Pack 1.0 zipper Add-on 337 kB
Patch, which add new wheels to PttM. The most of wheel textures was changed for better and it's more types of wheels.
Patch for PttM Fluffy Patch 541 kB
Patch, which repairs a lot of errors in game. The physical model is improved, so the handling is more realistic. The patch includes the real names of trucks and add "Premium brakes" to each of truck. The accessories for trucks have real names too (pneumatics Michelin, GoodYear, ...).
Dealers map zipper Picture 119 kB
Map of all truck dealers. Here you can buy or upgrade your truck.
18 WoS:PttM demo SCS Soft Demo 89.43 MB
Official demoversion of game. It's the same as full game, but there is time limit one hour for playing.


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